Looking to hire a Wordpress App Developer

Not sure if this is a right place to look for a developer, but I’ll list the details of my project below. If this does violate any rules, I apologize and feel free to take down this thread. I am at a loss where to find the right person for this job, I am looking to work with someone on a messaging platform like Skype or Discord for fluid communication. Reply here or shoot me an email, missayalah@gmail.com

There are more projects available once this project is completed- again, I’m looking for someone willing to have open communication as I have several ideas and wanting to bring them to life. Thanks for reading and hope to work with you soon!

Looking for an experienced developer to make a plug-in for my Wordpress website.

I want the plug-in to force a user to log in to a platform called GameWisp (gamewisp.com). GameWisp is a paid subscription platform, I want the plug-in to check if the user is subscribed at a certain paid tier. (If you want to see how “tiers” work on my GameWisp platform, you can check https://gamewisp.com/missayalah). Once they are verified to be at a certain paid tier, they will be redirected to a “paid only, exclusive” access portion of my website. Only people who are actively subscribed will have access to this portion of my website.


  • A user who is a subscriber through GameWisp can click on a link and be directed to my GameWisp log in page.
  • On that page, they press a button to connect their GameWisp account to your website.
  • When a user has their GameWisp account connected to my site, they can view a page with all the exclusive content. With a blog style format perhaps.

Developer needs to make a WordPress plugin, with a new Blog category, so when I, the website owner, posts to the “Exclusive category”, it would post to that section, and only be visible to active GameWisp subscribers.

I would try Toptal, eLance, UpWork, or Guru.