Make our own twitch stream viewer


I was thinking of making a twitch stream video viewer.

Are we allowed to do that?

What are we allowed to do? I know i can go spend 6 hours reading the terms of service, i was just wondering if anybody knows this already who can just tell me?


Covers how to embed Twitch on your own website.

Thanks for the info,

What if I wanted to play a stream without using embed? Im using HTML5 WebGL canvas in the browser, but WebGL doesnt have embed capability just a raw canvas. So the only way is to take the twitch stream and make my own player using WebGL and show it in the canvas myself. Is this allowed?

There are no officially supported endpoints to do that.

And arguably doing that may be considered against the Terms of Service.

Thats a real shame, maybe twitch forgot about WebGL endpoints? WebGL is used all over the world for games in browsers, thought twitch was all about games?? How can they make such an error as to forget about WebGL?? Its discrimination, browser developers are people to!!!

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