mIRC/AdiIRC Resources

Between dealing with Twitch’s irc interface, its web API, and helping other users I’ve managed to compile a small list of extremely useful mIRC/AdiIRC scripts that the would-be bot creator may make use of. None of the scripts below are in-and-of themselves a fully functional bot but, rather, are tools that will make creating such a bot far easier.
Please note that some of the scripts are labelled as “mIRC” but should work under AdiIRC as well. If you find one that does not, please contact me


My most popular resource, it can perform HTTP/Web requests on behalf of a script and then, after interpreting the JSON data, makes it available in an easy to use interface. What makes this useful in the context of twitch is that all API calls return JSON formatted data.


Not as expansive as the JSON for mIRC library, this script aims to implement the WebSocket client protocol within the context of mIRC scripting. Its still in a beta stage and buggy but I am routinely updating it, so if you find bugs let me know.


Instead of being a single script, this is a project of multiple different scripts that normalize twitch’s IRC interface to be more standard compliant. There is a core script and a set of module scripts. Some of these modules include UI enhancements such as retrieving the game a streamer is currently playing as the topic, another seamlessly incorporates twitch’s whispers into the context of IRC.


There is also an mIRC/AdiIRC scripting help chat channel for those in need of mSL scripting advice. Its currently a small community but allows for real time help when people are available. Please note that it may take a while for someone to get around to questions as, again, its currently a small community. Feel free to idle while you wait and we’ll assist you as soon as we’re available.

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I updated the core script so it should now recognize irc.chat.twitch.tv as a twitch server. This should fix the groupchat script not working for users that make use of that address to connect to the IRC interface

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