Mobile App- Stream Titles

I’m new here so if this doesn’t go here I’m sorry.

I think twitch needs to add the stream titles back to the mobile app. I primarily use the mobile app and the absence of stream titles doesn’t just make it hard for me to pick out new streams to watch, it also makes it harder for streamers to grow their audiences. I mostly use twitch to watch League of Legends streams. I main support so I look for streams that can help me with that. Without stream titles on the mobile app it is very hard to find new streams when looking for something specific like this.
This also hurts content creators who are still trying to build their base. If people who watch on mobile can’t see what they’re streaming outside of the game itself why would they go to a stream that has few viewers? They wouldn’t.

TLDR: Bring back stream titles to the mobile app.

Both the iOS (gear menu while in the directory) and Android apps have an option to enable titles.