Moderators getting paid, why not?

Hello all, first of all I would like to apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, or it has already been discussed.

So basically as the title says, why couldn’t we make the people who moderate a channel get paid?

I know it’s a voluntary “job”, but many mods do help many streamers in many ways, like creating their UI, improving their channel with the bot commands, making the community more friendly, being there almost all the time, Creating clips, etc.

When I mean getting paid, I dont mean all mods of single every channel, I mean, the channels which have had the luck to become a partnership with twitch (luck but knowing they worked hard for it). It would sound good too, if the same streamer, had the decision to say yes I want my mods get paid or not. Like an example… 5% of all the subscribers of that channel go to the mods.

The reason I think it would be a good idea, is because this whole “world” of streaming, is becoming bigger and bigger everyday (there is many who do this as a living and have their own apartment just by streaming), why not take it 1 step further? I think it would make all this “world” of streaming a whole lot serious.


This forum is for third party developer support. If you want to discuss ideas like this, I would recommend the /r/twitch subreddit. If you think this should be a feature of Twitch’s website, you should suggest it on