Multiple variables in kraken/channels


I know we have possibility to multiple stream names in,b,c,d.

But the problem is when I want to get info also about streamers offline, getting 40-50 iterations of $.ajax calls take a lot of time for me.

Anyone can help me?

Sounds like you should be collecting and caching channel objects for 24 hours, just poke /streams/ to check for online status, using the cached channel object as a base for a offline stream (updating your cached from the online packet).

So there is no way to get one API request like,b,c,d

  1. The other idea is to get ~50 json request:

save it to one .json file on server and read from that json. but is hard to realize that thing.

  1. what do you mean by caching channel objects? some example?

I’ve been wondering the same thing. At the moment I’m just looping over an array of the channels I want to retrieve information about, with an individual http: request for each one.

As you mentioned above, you can get information about multiple streams in one request.

Unfortunately, if the channel isn’t streaming at the time of the request, the response doesn’t provide the information I need about the channels. So I’m stuck with doing 25+ separate channel http requests (and requesting the streaming information separately).

What I do is do the /stream check and store the channel object from that.

Generally, unless you are directly using the title/game keys from the channel object, there is no need to update the channel object.

So the channel object inside the stream object should suffice :slight_smile:

I cant get it. How do you want to get followers number from /stream API?

If the stream is live

response->stream->channel-> followers

okey its i know, but i want to get FOLLOWERS from OFFLINE stream with one request like “,b,c,d…”.

You can’t

You’d have to do independant requests for each channel

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