New commands for moderators

Hello, I have new orders to build on Twitch chat. First as moderator I find missing some commands ex. timeout or ban 2, 3 people at a time (ex. /timeout test12234 test00000). That would ensure that we not have to banish several people slowly, but rather suddenly. This is not an order, but rather an added freedom in the interface, for example to be able to put our own time next timeout nicknames in place of 600 seconds and the normal ban. The Purge button should be also added alongside 2 other buttons to quickly purge.

It’s easy, what I ask is that the cat become quick and easy to control for the moderators which would make sure to have a better result level of the Chat.

Thanks you Twitch !
Alexis “ARTI” Bousquet

You can submit feature requests for chat here:

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