New insights to help you optimize your game on Twitch

We recently launched game analytics to help you understand how your game is performing on Twitch. Today we’re making a couple of updates based on your feedback. You can now access:

  1. Up to one year of historical game data (expanded beyond 90 days).
  2. New metrics about viewers, streamers, chat, and clips for your game that will help answer questions like: What does my presence look like on Twitch? How many creators are streaming my game? How many viewers are watching those streams? How are they engaging with my game? See a full list of metrics with data definitions here.
    • Game ID
    • Viewer data
      • Total views
      • Total unique viewers
      • Average concurrent viewers
      • Peak concurrent viewers
      • Peak time - concurrent viewers
      • Total hours watched
    • Streamer data
      • Average concurrent broadcasters
      • Peak concurrent broadcasters
      • Peak time - concurrent broadcasters
    • Chat
      • Live unique chat participants
      • Total live chat messages sent
    • Clips
      • Clips created

There are two ways to access game analytics whenever you want, 24/7.

  1. Game Analytics API: Check out the documentation here
  2. Games Dashboard
    • Login to
    • Navigate to Dashboard > Games
    • Click Export CSV data to download your game performance from the last 90 days. We recommend you download your data at least once per month so that you’re able to keep a rolling history of your game’s metrics.

What else would you like to see? Please keep your feedback coming in the insights forum.