Updates to the Game Analytics Report

We’re making improvements to Game Developer Analytics to better reflect your game’s performance on Twitch.

What’s changing?

The data in the Game Analytics report, available as a CSV in the Twitch Developer Console and via the “Get Game Analytics” endpoint in the Twitch API, is being updated in order to more accurately reflect viewership numbers.

Specifically, you might notice a change in the average_concurrent_viewers, peak_concurrent_viewers, and peak_time_concurrent_viewers columns in the report.

Who will be impacted by these changes?

All game developers who claimed their game via the Twitch Developer Console and whose game met the minutes-watched threshold for report generation. A report is available only if the game was broadcast for at least 300 minutes (5 hours) over the time period covered by the report.

When do these changes take effect?

These changes will take effect on December 18, 2020. At the same time we will be updating historical data for November and December 2020. In January, we will be updating historical data from December 2019 onwards.

Update (2021-01-29): Historical data from December 2019 onwards has now been updated per the original post above.