New Twitch Api - "Get Stream Markers" on clientless app

Ok, so I’m building webhook notification for the discord to notify users about:

  • Stream going live, :heavy_check_mark:
  • Streamer changing game, :heavy_check_mark:
  • “Stream over, here is a vod” W.I.P

(All requests are authorized with both Client-ID and Authorization headers)

So here is my problem, I’m able to get a last vod by just doing


Nice and easy I got the vod, but it lacks information about game changes.

So I started looking into docs a bit more and I saw Reference | Twitch Developers but it requires me to authorize via User OAuth Token not App Access Token like every other endpoint so far.

So here is my question how do I authorize myself with no ui?

I don’t want to store all changed games with timestamps inside my app as it will be not accurate and as well not that fails safe in case of “app reset in middle of stream”.

You need a user token to make markers. And markers don’t tell you when a game changes. Markers are created by mods/editors/broadcaster to make the stream. So if the game changes someone has to make the marker.

You can get/store this data from the Stream Webhooks.
At time of writing there is no API to return what games are in a vod.

That is covered in this existing uservoice

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Yea… I was hoping to find game change “breakpoints” in the markers api as I saw them inside some graphql request while looking for that data…

Still would be nice to have that somehow. I guess I try to store that in my app then on every game change event via webhook. I will need to make a fallback just in case of app reset in middle of the stream.

Thank for the help <3

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