VOD - Game Changed Times

I’ve seen in the new Twitch player, an icon to indicate when the channel changed games. This makes it a lot easier to dial in what you are looking for in a VOD.

Will those times ever be reflected in the Video endpoint? Perhaps an array of games played and the time-stamps started?

As far as I can tell, all the info we can currently get about what game(s) were played during a stream is locked to whatever the broadcaster sets before going live, and is singular. So those who forget to change it before going live end up locking their vod description in on a single game they might not of even played that day.


These game changes are available as “markers” in the Kraken v5 API:

For example:


	"vod_id": "155419377",
	"markers": {
		"game_changes": [
				"time": 3427, // Seconds
				"thumbnail": {
					"sheet_url": "https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/ttv-boxart/PLAYERUNKNOWN%27S%20BATTLEGROUNDS-138x190.jpg",
					"sheet_rows": 1,
					"sheet_cols": 1,
					"height": 190,
					"width": 138,
					"row": 0,
					"column": 0
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Ah, perfect. Thanks!

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@Alca Thanks, I was able to mostly get all I needed. Is there anything similar for stream title changes? As is, I can see all the games that were changed throughout a vod, but if the streamer changes their title often, all I can get is the initial one. I suppose this could be achieved by polling when live or pubsub perhaps.

If you know of a VOD on Twitch where the title changes on the site then let me know and/or look at the XHR requests during page load filtered by the video ID.

Apologies, perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I thought…
I see the game_change markers when a broadcaster updates their game from their dashboard with the endpoint you showed.
I was wondering if there was any sort of similar ‘marker’ for when a broadcaster changes their stream title from the dashboard. Will the markers endpoint be flushed out with more of these types of time related events perhaps?

My use: I mod for a streamer that plays, typically, 2 games a day. Overwatch and RB6:Siege.
They usually have a witty title in reference to the hostage when playing RB6 but it is usually their 2nd played game of the day.
So when I look up the VOD via the API, all I see is the title from when they first initially went live. The Overwatch title, which may or may not be representative of the entirety of the stream, and I was hoping to be able to get all the titles from throughout the cast.

Hopefully that’s a little bit better explained. :smile:

As I mentioned, I guess I could, in the meantime, log title change events to my own DB (with the casters permission) from the IRC chat (or maybe pubsub??) and get the data that way…

As far as I know there isn’t an equivalent for title changes. You’ll just have to track it.

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