Game change markers are null


I consume the Kraken API to get past broadcasts for some old time streamers and over the past few days the markers endpoint has been returning null game_changes. This is unusual because Lirik changes games many times during a stream and it is only returning game_changes for a few videos.

An example broadcast:

He changes games many times. The endpoint :

returns this JSON response:

There are lots more videos like this as you can see on this page which usually has many game changes for each broadcast (show in in grey):

This has been a problem since Wed 25th of July.

Can you shed any light on this please?


Hmmm I don’t see this API endpoint documented under

So one of those unsupported undocumented endpoints that could change or break at anytime.

I’m sure it’ll get fixed at some point though

Can anyone from Twitch comment on this issue please?

The API endpoint is still not sending reliable data back.


Twitch don’t often comment on undocumented endpoints. If it’s not sending reliable data back, it’s probably because it wasn’t designed for your use, and like all undocumented endpoints it may be experimental/temporary/changed/removed at any moment with no notice.

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