No permission to create an extension?

Good day,

As i decided to dive into extensions, and after reading the guidelines / documentation about it, i wanted to create an extension.

When going on my dashboard, i am unable to register an extension.
I get the button unclickable with a message “you don’t have permission to create extensions”.

Any help?

Same problem, waiting for replies in this thread :thinking:

Hello here,
I resolve this problem by completing the OnBoarding process in my dashboard just here:

Do not forget to replace YOURUSERNAME by your user name :smiley:


@Kemetos, Thanks, No luck though however, that’s a “I’m sorry, that page is in another castle!” page :] Still no permissions.

I signed up and completed on-board last night, a few hours later I am now able to create extensions via

Looks like you just have to wait for either a final approval or for some caching to catch up.