Not able to register twitch application

I wanted to make a application to send twitch notifications to discord but every time I click create the reCaptcha just resets with no error message I have filled everything in like this
twitch to discord notification bot - username
http://localhost - OAuth Redirect URL
category other

This name is either

a) reserved (can’t use Twitch in the name)
b) take by another user, names are unique acorss all of Twitch

There is a known bug/issue where ClientID creates do not surface name related issues - App Creation doesn't surface name errors - Cannot Create Application · Issue #831 · twitchdev/issues · GitHub

i have tried several usernames could you give any ideas that can be used

The name of your client ID should adqueately describe the usage of it so that any users authenticating against it can be sure/safe what they are authenticating.

If the application is just for your own personal use, jsut using your own name should get you going.

Sounds like you keep using Twitch in the name which will be blocked

ok it worked thanks :slight_smile:

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