Not getting stream down notifications

I’m getting stream up notifications but I’m not getting any notifications when the stream goes offline. I’m streaming from the Twitch Xbox app. Is this a bug?

When the stream goes down. About 6 minutes after you should get a stream down, which goes to the same URL with a empty POST.

make sure you are logging all your inbound requests.

Ok, why is it 6 minutes? I wanted to have a message pop-up thanking users when the stream is over in chat. I noticed the stream live also seems to be at least a few minutes while the follows web hooks seem much faster.

Also I have noticed WizeBot is able to do stream up and down messages very fast. Do you know how they are doing that? Are they just polling the API instead of using webhooks?

A stream up/down webhooks is not triggered until helix shows the same information

So for stream up that’s about 3 minutes

for stream down it waits for helix and a little extra to accoun for in case it’s a stream crash that’s about to be restarted/reconnected to. So that’s 3 minutes for helix and 3 minutes to be sure

The original time stamps of the stream down is included in th headers sent with a stream down

I can take a guess

Sounds the the use of a undocumented endpoint

I don’t see the point of this. Why not hand craft such a message yourself and/or include it with your “go raid this person” message. Further more everyone in chat literally just heard you say thank you for watching on stream. So whilst doing it twice. The second time via bot is impersonal

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