Stream up/down webhook problem/question

Hey guys,

I’m fairly new to working with API’s and especially webhooks but fortunately I’ve gotten the stream up/down end point working for me. I’m running it off my NodeJS server and it seems to work. I’m getting a POST request to my server with data pertaining to the stream; when a stream goes live and when it goes offline. But the problem I’m facing now is that it’s taking around 3 - 5 minutes to receive these notifications.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a problem with my server, maybe it’s something to do with Twitch (I doubt it :<), or if it’s actually working as intended. Either way this a pretty big problem for me as I intended to use the data for a Discord bot that notifies the server when a streamer goes live.

The 3 to 5 minutes to receive a notification is normal. The webhooks are designed to be consistent with what the API returns, so when a stream goes up/down a notification is not sent until all of the API cache servers have been updated. They are trying to reduce the delay but it will always have some.

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Ah, it’s great to know it’s working as intended then! Thanks for the quick reply, I suppose I’ll go down another route for the Discord bot for now.

I wouldn’t, not really, most streamers have a 3-5 minute intro for exactly this reason.
It takes 3-5 minutes for all the going live notifications (email, mobile, third party, etc) to trigger.

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Yeah that’s a point I didn’t really consider. It’s definitely something that completely went over my head. Thanks for bringing it up lol

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