Not understanding token expirations

Hello, i’m currently using the api for an easy bot to read chatters.
I know tokens expired every 60 days and i wanted to see how long my code has before expiring. So with curl i tried

curl -X GET ‘
-H ‘Authorization: OAuth TOKEN’

I get this response

“client_id”: “my_client_id”,
“login”: “ae16_”,
“scopes”: [“moderator:read:chatters”],
“user_id”: “my_id”,
“expires_in”: 0

I’m not understanding how “expires_in” is 0. I’m using it without any issue. I refreshed it one time with the refresh code just to try it but i don’t have any idea if it worked

Legacy Client ID’s (ie older client IDs) or the clientID from the third party TMI token generator for example.

Can generate tokens that have no expiration, this will likely change at some point

ClientID’s are public no need to hide those

Your UserID is also public, no need to hide those either.

Thanks for the fast reply!
Do you have an ETA for that expiration change?

It has not been announced, hence the some point.

If you are concerned you can always rename your current clientID
Make a new clientID using the name
Then delete the old clientID

Then your new clientID will do the expiration thing.

(I say rename as a deletion may not free up the name for use)

Then you are ready for if/when older client ID’s get expiring tokens

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