Expiring of OAuth2 token

An API https://id.twitch.tv/oauth2/token?client_id={0}&client_secret={1}&grant_type=client_credentials returning

    "access_token": "top secret string",
    "expires_in": 5015207,
    "token_type": "bearer"

what does “5015207” mean? Is this milliseconds or something else?

The expiry is in seconds. So for Implicit OAuth tokens and App tokens the expiration is about 60 days (+/- a few days). For tokens from the Auth Code flow their expiration is about 4 hours, but can be refreshed so is not an issue.

From the docs

what is the implicit token?

Implicit tokens are User tokens that you get through the Implicit auth flow

does this mean that I can get a token once and use it until it is expired?

Yes, you can use a token until it expires or is made invalid (such as the token being revoked, or the user disconnecting from your app if it’s a user token).

what error code is returning when the token is made expired or invalid?

You’ll get a 401 status code if you use an invalid OAuth token.

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