Obfuscation Request on well know librairies


I submitted an extension 3 days ago, I just received this Obfuscation Request which tells me that my code is not human readable.

I’m not sure what to do, I need to provide them with a “non-minified” version of jquery, boostrap and socket io?

I never had any worries about the twenty or so submissions that I had previously made with the same resources. I’m pretty lost, I confess that I was not expecting this one.

Should I use these libraries externally with CDNs or importing them into the project is okay?

You cannot load JS from a CDN. And if you need clarity just respond to the email. Usually they don’t need libraries only your own code un minified

That’s the problem, my source code, apart from these 3 libraries, is not minified.
It does not make sense…

Yes that is what I do

Include the non minified version of those libraries in your zip file.

I’ve also had this problem.

But I always include the non non minfied “well known libs” in my zip.

So my zip has both the .min.js and .js, but my code only uses the .min.js

For me they tripped me on my minified JS code rather than the well known libs.

So include it all in the zip.

It’s possible that the rules have changed and/or tools used internally and there is greater scruitiny due to recent events.

CDN’s are still not allowed.

Depends what you mean by import really.