onContext: feature request stream live

Need a better way to detect when a stream is live without having to rely on Twitch API. Is it possible to add to the onContext event. a channel_id property and a type property saying if its ‘live’ ‘vodcast’ ‘’.

the reason behind a channel_id is it is impossible to currently determine wether the onContext has been triggered by a hosted feed or live feed.

the reason behind a type property for live vs vodcast is because an onContext is not triggered when a user goes offline.

i used to check if the bufferSize property is 0 or not for live status or not, but ran into those problems. if a viewer pauses and broadcaster goes offline, it wouldnt have been able to possible to capture an offline event.

any staff response would be great, if there is webhook in the works for a channel going live and going offline, or if onContext is the place that this info will be available, or if theres is a better way for an extension to detect when a stream is live or not.



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the former won’t work for my use case, but the latter will! thanks didnt see that. can’t wait til it comes out.