Open letter to Twitch representatives


We are small indie developers team, a significant portion of whose income comes from developing extensions for Twitch. Out of all the possible ways to earn and establish ourselves as professionals, we chose this path because we love Twitch, we love streams, and because we considered this direction promising.

For example, right now, we have completed the development of a fairly large game for streams, but we don’t know when we’ll be able to release it: our roadmaps are in question, both for this game and for other projects, because no one knows when the review pause will end.

Before, we could rely on all the pauses associated with holidays, and we took this into account when planning.

In January, however, we were informed, in fact without indicating any deadlines, that everything was being put on hold.

We understand that you are going through reorganization and downsizing, but you can’t neglect loyal developers who have chosen your platform as a field for work and creativity to such an extent. We also have employees, plans, budgets. And now we feel like a child in a supermarket who got lost and can’t find their mom.

I understand that this letter is unlikely to change anything, but perhaps someone from Twitch will read it and think about it.

In any case, we thank you for creating and supporting such a wonderful streaming service, wish you success, and hope for fruitful cooperation.