Overlay during offline mode?

Panels are able to run when a streamer is offline. Is there a reason Overlay extensions were limited to being only online? I only ask because lirik has expressed the need for my extension as an overlay that ran when he is offline. The current panel version works offline.


I think this is a quite good idea. It would allow streamers do display their schedule or social media updates while offline. (ofc that can already be done through panels, but having it as the main focus instead of the video feed would make it more clear)

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yeah a count down to next stream with a schedule is what my panel extension does, would be great if it replace the offline screen!

As with most things, there are reasons! In this particular scenario, the idea of having a video overlay, but no video is a little disjointed. I expect this to be revisited at some point in the future though, as it is something that has been discussed internally. From a technical perspective, video overlay extensions do not currently load until after the video started to play (getting video playing is quite important for video streaming after all).

it most likely wouldnt fall into an overlay category, and part of a good infrastructure is to keep things simple on your end. I would imagine this would fall in its own category, or maybe a different ‘type’ of panel that replaces the offline placeholder. but thank you for discussing it.