Needed: Pre/Post Stream Extensions

Streamers’ fans often gather waiting for them to go live. They wait around with nothing to do. Give them something to do together… they are all there for the same reason.

From voting on what game should be played on the stream today to making art or interacting at a deeper level than chat, there are plenty of things that could make this time more fun for everyone.

After the stream is similar. Some people head off to other streams or real life, but many would love to extend the moment. Like the time after a sporting event or concert ends, the fans of the team or the band want to hang out together, re-live the event, and ride the buzz to a gentle end. Today, when the stream is over so is the party. Extensions provide the opportunity to take over the prime screen real estate and let everyone hang out for a while doing something together.

this is badly needed. please implement right away!

I’m curious to know if you had any after stream extension ideas!

If it’s that bad, you may wish to seek out and employ a developer to achieve what you need


Too bad only twitch can give us a third extension type that replaces video real estate when a stream is offline.

A possibility is for a good panel extension to be at the top of the page when the video is offline. We will look at other solutions we can open up for developers, but we think there is a path forward for an enterprising developer to work on today to help with this need.

Broad category of ideas - a game the fans can play together.

A more specific variation - a game that the streamer somehow configures to be specific to him/her in some way, such that playing the game (and we can put “game” in quotes to make clear it could be almost any kind of experience) is relevant to all the fans.

For example, assume for a minute that music rights were not an issue. You can imagine a game of “name that tune” using the streamer’s favorite music. That way it is personal and interesting to each channel, but still fun and engaging. Now, if you think this idea is lame, GOOD. I’m not a game designer. It’s meant to illustrate the kind of experience we speculate could work.

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i already have code ready to convert to a possibility of an offline mode panel, so im sure people are just waiting for the ability