Panel and Overlay Extension

I saw, that there is a possibility to make the extension to “Panel” AND “Overlay” at the same time in developer settings. If I set the ticks to both, then the extension is really displayed as panel AND overlay on twitch extension page.

But if the streamer will activate the extension, he has to decide to show in “EXTENSION-PANEL” OR at “EXTENSION-OVERLAY”
So for the streamer it seems that it is not possible to use the panel AND overlay at the same time.

Is this a bug at the moment - because of the really new function - or want twitch that the streamer could only use once at the same time? Or did I overlooked something?

An extension can be both video and panel.

Both the same extension cannot be active in both video and panel at the same time.

The logic is that an extension does one thing, but could offer a different view if active in the other position.

But if an extension is supposed to be active in both slots you should have a “partner” extension to your extension. Afaik it’s to do with how PubSub works for an extension. Since you’ll proabably want to send different data at different rates to the extension in a given slot