Panel URLs not opening on Android even if whitelisted

This is not just happening on my extension, but in a few that I tried.
Works fine on iOS devices and in browsers.

Anyone aware of this?

Can you provide a few channels and/or Extensions to try? I cannot reproduce this issue with the panel Extensions installed on my channel. Trying with a Pixel 3a on Android 11.

Thanks @jbulava

I am linking my channel where the Dragon Pets extension is installed.

There is a link which you can get to following the screenshots attached.
Again, it’s working fine on iOS and in browsers.

I am testing this on a Pixel 3 with Android 11.

Got it. If I tap the link, the web view loads properly for less than a second before showing the error message above. I believe this may be an issue for the mobile team to investigate, so I kindly ask that you report this in the Bugs section of the Mobile Apps UserVoice forum. Feel free to link back to this topic for the images and full context.

Thanks @jbulava. I’ll do that then.