Video link url question for mobile devices

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The same post was posted because I do not seem to have enough explanation.

I was really sad because the post was hidden yesterday.

I would like to ask you again for help with:


I send the request as below.

And I received the link below.
url - Twitch

  1. I have loaded the received url using android webview.

  2. “Desktop-redirect = true” has been added automatically at the end of the URL.
    e.g) Twitch

  3. The “Sorry, that page is in another castle!” screen is displayed briefly before video playback.

Has the twitch API changed?

Do I need to use a different API on mobile device?

Please help me…51a73cf8579a0a15e9a7b83eca1b71ba1a6843ec_1_281x500

You shouldn’t repost the same question 3 times, edit your existing post or comment on it to clarify some details.

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