Pass oauth token to flash player

I have developed a desktop app for watching twitch streams. The application uses OAuth to authenticate the user which works fine. The problem however is when a user who is a Turbo user watches a live stream, he/she still gets served ads.
I’m guessing this is because the flash player is not aware of the authenticated user.

So in short is there a way to pass an oauth token to the flash player either directly (flashvars) or via javascript ?

I’d think this is a simple question… Shouldn’t take +9 days to answer…
Anyone awake out there?

If the browser environment has an active session for a Twitch account with Turbo it should be honored. I’m not a aware of a way to pass an arbitrary oauth token to the embed though. It would be useful.

Well, that’s very unfortunate and very surprising to say the least.

Is there any way to turn an existing (valid) token into a browser session? For instance pass it as a query parameter to the popout html?

Something like:

Or maybe include it as an HTTP header somehow?

I’m not aware of a way.

Guess it’s time for that Github ticket then :smile:

Thanks for the reply, appreciate it.