People useing Multiple accounts detect?

Hello my friend and alot other is streaming and do giveaways. but people make alot xtra accounts to have higher chance to win ( cheating ) is there a way to detect them? with ip or something?

Hope you can help

Nope. Twitch does not [for obvious reasons] give people access to user’s IP’s.
Every streamer faces this problem, and the simple way to is to just deal with it. Obviously you can try to ban accounts that are obviously bots or multiple accounts, etc. The easiest way to is have a short window that they have to respond in chat to claim it after being drawn, as people with multiple accounts might take longer to respond with the right account, but otherwise, nope. Every streamer has to face these risks when doing giveaways.

You can try to evaluate an account’s legitimacy by checking their followed/follower/view counts, bio, registration date, etc. but the most robust system will be something that’s taken out of chat to another site where you can access information more about the accessing client and browser.

This is another potential way to do this.
There are many times this can be used, especially for things like trying to tell if someone is trolling on a 2nd account when their first got banned and things of the sort. However, this won’t always work.
Obviously, some people will already have both accounts made prior. And follower counts are not always the most accurate in terms of trying to test an accounts legitimacy. Non-streamers will tend to keep a low follower count, and some people (like I) tend to unfollow people if I no longer actively watch people, and keep the amount of people I follow low for my email’s sake.
But also, you may find people are actually legitimately new to the site. and using a bot that tries to prevent people from entering using methods like this may false flag these people, which will both turn them away as a viewer, and possibly other people as well.
While it wouldn’t be the worlds most challenging thing to code, I personally would rather leave a mod to make those decisions. A bot will either false-flag a person or miss something that a person might not have done.

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