Per user height

Is there any plans to make the panel height either dynamic to content or set per user?

That would make casters panel pages even MORE horrible for them to layout…

Whats your use case/example for needing this out of interest?

i have a scheduler where they can add a dynamic amount of scheduled items. i made it max height. but some people who have 3-4 schedules have a lot of dead space, im solving it currently by maintaining two versions of the app. “count down XL” and “count down LT” it would be nice if we can just set it per users where they can choose within the app an option and then our app adjusting the height to what they expect. i wouldnt do many heights id probably do 3 500px 190px and then something in between.

Hey dhQk,

So I understand your request - you are asking for the ability to define panel height as a per-user parameter in the configuration of your extension so that each broadcaster could have a dynamic panel height based on the amount of content within the extension?

An example being:

  • I have 5 items in my schedule. Each item is 100px. My panel height is 500px
  • You have 3 items in your schedule. Each item is 100px. Your panel height is 300px.

How important is the flexibility of this parameter? Would you want the panel height to be fully dynamic (i.e. height determined contextually by the content within it) or static (defined once) but variable on a per-user basis?

Thank you for sharing the feedback - please let me know if I am misunderstanding!

Thank you for considering this!

You are understanding correctly. I would imagine instead of the height setting in the options being the be all end all height, It is the default height. Most likely setting per user would have to be built on top of the API where we do configurations as well. The set extension configuration, maybe a similar endpoint that accepts an int from 100 - 500 where the user height is set. That way i can set it through my EBS when they submit configurations