Perma Banning system is broken ... So I am boycotting twitch

So I got perma banned from a chat by a moderator because I made a lame joke that he found offensive. “The secret character of MK X is a crossed eyed wheel chaired hobbit :P” (the exact quote that got me banned) Anyways I can see how twitch might think it’s their channels responsibilities to monitor and manage their channels. However, with twitch taking a portion of channels subscriptions and giving the ability for channels to host in the first place … they need to take a more active role in this process.

Am I looking for a quick fix to my perma ban … no. What I am looking for is a total rehaul to how twitch caster moderate their channel. It is ridiculous that I get banned from a chat for making a joke that doesn’t even offend an actual race of people (yea, that is right I don’t think Lord of the Ring races are real … hate me for that) I feel that channels need to submit clear guide lines for what is acceptable in their chat to twitch, which twitch will review and approve. Then moderators would have to get two mods to make any decision on banning a particular user from a chat … this whole one mod and done deal is ridiculous. I feel that the channel user should still retain ultimate power in this situation, banning however they see fit (after all it is there channel). However, I feel in extreme cases where someone is permabanned there should be a post sent to twitch or the channel owner to be reviewed and approved. Right now the system is to biased … and it takes the fun out of chat having to live in fear of over zealous moderators.As such, I am from this point forth no longer watching any videos on twitch; and completely watching videos on Youtube. I strongly encourage anyone else that encounters permabanning problems to do the same until Twitch resolves this oversight.

Does Twitter review every time a user blocks another user? Does Facebook get involved every time a user rejects a friend request? Does YouTube interfere every time a comment is deleted?

Asking Twitch to step in for every chat timeout or ban is on the same level as those scenarios. Not only is it nonsensical and overreaching, it just simply wouldn’t work.

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