Pre-approved API call rate

I’m looking at building a Twitch integration and am fairly certain that our app will exceed the 1 call per second rate limit referenced throughout the forum (even with caching and not-too-frequent polling schedule). Is there any way that we can apply for increased rate limits? Don’t want to introduce the integration to the public and have the plug pulled :slight_smile:

There isn’t a way to get an increased rate limit at this time. What is your use case that will exceed that limit? Do keep in mind that all API results are cached for 1-3 minutes.


I work for IFTTT and we have built a Twitch integration (a popular request from Twitch users who know about IFTTT). It’s been working great in our private beta and expect the integration to be quite popular. It works on a polling schedule, but with the number of potential users times the various API events we’re monitoring, we’re confident that we would exceed the rate limit pretty quickly.

Even with a caching layer? Since we cache from 1 - 3 minutes (sometimes longer), your polling could request from your cache and update on a regular interval. Curious about how many streams of data you’re retrieving and how frequently.

According to Wikipedia, they were “cooking” 20 million recipes a day 2015. Sticking to a generous (when it comes to live notifications) 5-minute request interval per channel, 1 request a second allows you to poll only 300 channels. Even my bot barely anyone knows has passed that milestone.

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Yes even with caching we would expect to run into issues with the limit. Especially if we wanted to feature time-sensitive events such as a channel’s stream starting. Is there a way the rate limit can be on a per-user basis?

Users set up what we call ‘Applets’ that check for specific trigger events and then run an action based on that event. We certainly don’t want to facilitate abuse, but can’t guarantee that there won’t be more than one ‘Applet’ set up that polls on the same second. Even if we could, that would limit the amount of ‘Applets’ we could run to 60 per minute max. Additionally, populating lists such as a user’s list of channels they follow also requires an API call and we have no way of preventing two users from making that call at the same time.

If you want to shoot me a PM I can provide more detail about our protocol and the integration itself. We’re a pretty big platform and are seeing a lot of excitement about the potential integration, so any help in finding a scalable solution would be much appreciated!

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