PubSub Topic limits


I made a discord bot called Mee6 ( One of the major features in mee6 is the ability to send a message (ex: hey @everyone, Lirik is live on everytime a streamer is live on twitch.

I’m currently using the “streams” endpoint to collect the status of the streamers, making 100 streamers batches.

I’m very interested by the PubSub thing but the thing is the number of topics you can subscribe to is limited. Any chance to see that limitation be removed in a near future?


To be clear, the only thing officially supported on PubSub is Bits. The rest aren’t meant for third party use and can be removed or changed at any time. Also, for PubSub, the limitation is 50 topics per connection up to 10 connections per IP. Nothing to announce with regards to connection limits.

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