Python Twitch Bot using Get Started code IRC library can't parse Tags?

So I’m trying to get the USERNOTICE for subscriptions and utilizing the irc library that the Python Twitch Bot in the Get Started section of dev.twitch has, doesn’t seem to handle tags? Or maybe I just can’t seem to find the function?

It seems to have built in functions for all of these Protocols: “error”,

But can’t seem to handle the IRCv3 tags stuff, even though it can request them with c.cap(‘REQ’, ‘’)

Anyone gotten this to work? (preferably in Python 3+)

After tireless searching and digging in to documentation, I found this in the irc library github around this issue: You’ll need to go through the process of def on_all_raw_message() and then parsing that data yourself.

After I get done what I need, maybe I’ll go through the process of helping them upgrade the irc library to be more IRCv3 friendly.

Theres also a library list on

But yeah you might need to extend the library you are using to parse for the ircV3 specification additions

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