Getting resub length without ircv3 CAP for tags?

So the tags mess up my current irc library and for now I don’t wanna make my own or find another - can I get the resub length by any other means?

I can see the USERNOTICE with the resub’s message but there seems to be no date there? that kinda sucks

You could use the API to pull the subscription [created_at] date time.

This requires an OAuth with permission from the streamer for the scope [channel_subscriptions]
Or the or from each user using the scope [user_subscriptions] (probably not preferred for obvious reasons)

Changes to payment methods and some gaps in renewal times reset this field, whereas the IRCv3 tags would continue the subscription uninterrupted.

Thanks for the info, but seems like for my needs I’ll have to figure out the tags some way or another

Mention the library/language you are using and someone here may have some more advice

Probably not, the community is fairly small but I’m using Nim with this library GitHub - dom96/irc: Nim IRC module - I’ll probably fork it and just work on adding ircv3 or at least just tag parsing working, but thanks for the help anyway

You could also try to parse the irc message sent from twitchnotify and split its message e.g. “xy subscribed for 7 months in a row” - just take everything between for and months. That’s what I did back then, before reading the caps.

Personally, I would still highly recommend to use those.

Seems like he just implemented tags support into the library. :slight_smile:

yeah I worked out it was easier to just add it, the caps do make it a lot easier, thanks for the help anyway though guys

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