Question Regarding Idea for Twitch Extension


I’m looking to develop a twitch extension that gives viewers the ability to click on a predefined area within the streaming window that allows them to independently view different scenes from my OBS without altering that view for other viewers.

For example, I’d like to have the stream running and have a “scene box” in the upper right corner displaying a different window that a viewer could click which would swap the current gameplay to the upper right panel and display the information on the main screen for that viewer.

I’ve searched for extensions like this and haven’t found anything so I was wondering if this is even possible.

Simply put that’s really difficult to do and against the guidelines.

Your OBS would have to be broadcasting one stream per scene (so 2 scenes = 2x bandwidth, 3 scenes = 3x bandwidth and so on)

Then you need to have something to handle video transcoding (aka either multiple twitch stream channels (so just use squad mode instead) or your own video transcoding stack)

Then the extension needs to be able to play video, and video is not allowed under the guidelines last I checked.