Receiving malformatted IRC messages

Today, i started using IRCv3 capabilities in mIRC to make subscribers visible and I noticed that I’m receiving quite a few malformatted messages only from certain chatters e.g.

@color=#FF69B4;display-name=Manly_Viking;emotes=;subscriber=1;turbo=0;user-type=;user_type= manly_viking! PRIVMSG #guardsmanbob :ah, fnv. a game where i can adjust the fov. take note witcher 3

Here’s a list with more of those messages from different users: @color=#FF69B4;display-name=Manly_Viking;emotes=;subscriber=1;turbo=0;user-type= -

as you can see, there’s no colon between the tags and hostmask. First, i thought it’s an error in my script ( raw *:*: { if ($regex($rawmsg,%msgregex) > 0) { var %tags = $regml(1) - still WIP ) but the line above is the raw message I received from the server. Also made sure of it by using Wireshark (which was a pain in the ass).
The messages show up in the webchat though.

I don’t know what was causing it but everything seems to be fine now without me changing anything on my side.

This looks to be the correct format.

Tags and host mask are separated by a space.
Hostmask and Command is separated by a space.
Command may have additional parameters and is separated from the message with the message starting with a ‘:’
Message is terminated with a new line.

The prefix should be prepended with a “:” though.

:<prefix> <command> <params> :<trailing>

Or in the case of tags:

@<tags> :<prefix> <command> <params> :<trailing>

That’s also what Twitch Chat usually sends.

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