Receiving spurious CLEARCHAT messages

Using the CAP REQ option in IRC, I am receiving CLEARCHAT messages–at a rate of about one every 3 to 5 minutes–for users who do not appear to be in chat and have not sent any chat messages. Furthermore, I have verbal confirmation that these CLEARCHAT message do not correspond to any moderator actions.

For context, this is occurring when the channel is live and has generally anywhere between 700 and 3000 viewers.

Can confirm this. Don’t think viewer count matters btw, one of the channel i’m in has less than 400 viewers atm.

If could be your channel bot prebanning known spammers, if you are using a common bot perhaps.

I guess that’s technically possible. The channel does use Nightbot, but as far as I am aware that is not an advertised feature of any of the main bots?

It’s indeed Nightbot, I checked some of the people to this list and they all matched.

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