IRC, "false" timeouts

I just read into the Twitch IRC connection and set up a bot written in Ruby to log some messages and timeouts.

When a user gets timeouted or banned, I get multiple CLEARCHAT entries. This is a bit confusing and needs a workaround but the real problem is that many CLEARCHAT (timeout) messages appear without any message displayed in the real Twitch Chat.
If i receive a CLEARCHAT, the outputs looks like the following (using Cinch for ruby)

#<Cinch::Message @raw=" CLEARCHAT #velafee :blelok4t" @params=["#velafee", "blelok4t"] channel=#<Channel name="#velafee"> user=nil>

In this case, the user “blelok4t” gets timeouted, but no message of the user is displayed in the chat. Further there is no “timeout-message” like

blelok4t has been timeouted

Does anybody has a explanation for these false-positive-like messages?

If i’m not mistaken, Twitch doesn’t show timeout messages if there isn’t at least one message of that chatter in your chat.
So there’re no false-positives but the messages are just omitted because they’re not relevant for your current chat.

The chat does not display who got timed out, because Twitch choose to hide this. Betterttv is an extension with this feature available.

The reason bots time out users more than once has been discussed here: CLEARCHAT being sent multiple times

The reason some users get timed out before they can chat may be because the accounts are known spam bots.

In summary you have a bot in the channel that appears to be prebanning people. So you are seeing timeouts for people bot present in the channel

So you get the clearchat for those, but no “visible” message to “normal” people viewing Twitch chat


Of course. See CLEARCHAT Twitch IRC

I was referring to the <message deleted> visible in the web chat, and how Betterttv also displays “user1 got timed out”. The actual clear chat is of course sent and received over IRC, but has no visible effect in the web client unless the user recently posted a message.

Ah, okay I misunderstood your message, Thanks

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