RECONNECT command - "short period of time"


Here is the documentation for the RECONNECT command:


Twitch IRC processes ocasionally need to be restarted. When this happens, clients that have requested the IRCv3 capability are issued a RECONNECT. After a short period of time, the connection will be closed.

In this circumstance, please reconnect and rejoin channels that were on that connection as you would normally.

What does “a short period of time” mean? Due to rate limiting, it may takes some time to rebuild a connection AND join all channels, so I would like to know if this short period of time is 5ms, 5s or 5min.

I guess this is what determines the maximum amount of channels you join on a single connection, and the size of your connection pool.


Short period of time could be anything.

If you received a RECONNECT you should:

  • “Safely” (for your bot/application) disconnect from the server
  • Reconnect to the same address you were using.

Or you could

  • Start a new bot, wait for connecting to finish
  • Kill the old bot, once new bot is ready.

Then you have layered cross over with nill downtime

The server you are connected to that issued the RECONNECT is no longer part of the chat cluster and cannot obtain new clients.

So in theory, it is impossible to reconnect to the server that issued the RECONNECT to you in the first place.

(You could reconnect to a new server which then itself issues a reconnect but that’s rare)

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