Redirect URI and GET /streams


I am planning out a connection to the API to simply get a list of streams for one specific game to list on the sidebar of a subreddit on reddit.

When I am under Register your Application to get a Client ID and all that, it requires a Redirect URI. Is this really required? We cannot create custom pages on reddit, and all I’m looking to do is query for a list of streams.

I have access to CLI on my Linux box, is there anything I can do via command to register the Twitch connection to get a Client ID?

For purposes like that you can enter any url for the redirect such as the subreddit url since you will not be performing any authenticated requests.

However, it’s best to enter a URL on a domain under your control (or localhost) so malicious domain owners cannot request authorizations on your registered app.

That information is used during authenticating with twitch to generate oauth tokens. As it says on the page you can just use http://localhost

If you want a easy/free endpoint it just requires building a html page with a few JS entries on a github/gitlab pages website.

The benefit of authenticating for your own oauth tokens is that your application gets registered in any account that may use it automatically when the token is generated.

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