Require configuration string

In our Extension we have the situation that the streamer after an installation of the Extension first have to go into the config-page and enter there something.
Just after he has done this, the panel for viewers can show senseful content.
So we want to use the “require configuration string” therefore.

But we have a problem:
If a streamer goes to the config page and has entered all neccessary data, we call the API<client ID>/1.0.0/required_configuration?channel_id=12345678

That works wunderful for us.
But if we want to release a new version 1.1.0, we must also set the “needs configuration” string in the developer account for this Version, because a streamer who installs this version have to go in the config before he can use it.
But what about the streamers who already use version 1.0.0? They automatically get version 1.1.0 after releasing it. But we have never called<client ID>/1.1.0/required_configuration?channel_id=12345678

this endpoint for this streamer. So the Extension will be automatically deactivated for all existing users after a release and they have to go to the config page again, that we can trigger the require_configuration API again?

This sound not very user friendly for the streamers.

So is it our work to set the require_configuration string for the new version for all our streamers BEFORE releasing the new Extension version?
Or is there another way to prevent automatically deactivation of successfull configured Extensions?

What we would need is an version independent “require configuration”. Is there something? Or do we have to do what I discribed before each release?


If you change versions you will have used the same configuration required string.

So on release everyone already installed will inherit the current version string.

It’s just that the URL to change the channels version string is different between releases as a measure to make sure that if v 1.1.0 is released you don’t try pushing wrong data to to to the v1.0.0 URL. If you are pushing different version strings.

TLDR: If you are releasing a new version of your extension, and people whom upgrade don’t need to perform configuration then they don’t need to. They only will if you change the required_configuration value.

Thank you for your answer.
That is great.

Than we only have to configure all streamers before doint our next release.
Because your currently released version dont have any configuration string.
Our next version will get it. So we have to set the string via API for all existing users of the extension before pressing the release-button.