Configuration when make a new extension version

Hi i have a question i store a configuration for every streamer and do a call to twitch api like that: PUT

ok i do it and all is ok, but now i need to make a new version of my extension, dont change nothing from the config so i dont change the configuration string, but when i do that PUT i send that is for version 0.0.1 then when i publish my 0.0.2 every streamer need to reconfigure it? i need to find all my DB and make a PUT for every streamer with PUT ??? so they dont need to do nothing?

If you don’t change the required config string, all existing users of your extension will be fine, no change is needed. The only thing you need to do is make sure once the new version is live, you send the string to .../0.0.2/required_configuration and don’t use 0.0.1 anymore (for new installs).

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ah ok, i got confuse because in test mode i got “required configuration” then is just for test and no will happens when i release it, thx!

AKA, when you press “release” on your extension, everyone copies in the “old” configuration value, and won’t be prompted unless you have changed the configuration value. So if you don’t change it, everyone is auto set to the “old” configuration value.

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Thx, i assumed that but as get need configuration msg in test mode i want to confirm it, rly thank