Resub-notification: number of months wrong when paying for >1 months at once

Hello, I’ve notice that when someone subscribes to a channel by buying multiple months in advance, the number of months that user subscribed too is wrong.

I have a concrete example: Last month, some user bought 6 months in advance, and he wasn’t subscribed before. It triggered the resubscription message “xyz subscribed for 6 months in a row!”, even though it should have stated “1 month”. This month, his 2nd month, it said “xyz subscribed for 5 months in a row!”, even though it should have stated “2 months”. For some reason Twitch counts backwards.

EDIT: turns out on the first month it apparently correctly said “1 month” first, but the person was immediately able to celebrate the 6th month


Any news on this? Just to recap what twitch announced in chat:

1st month:
| xyz just subscribed!
| xyz subscribed for 6 months in a row
2nd month:
| xyz subscribed for 5 months in a row
3rd month:
| xyz subscribed for 4 months in a row

we’ll see if it continues to count backwards. This breaks stuff on our end and there is no real alternative to knowing when people subscribed, because the API only returns the “created_at” date, which can’t be reliably used to know what sub-month twitch thinks the user is in.

The issue is still open on our side. I’ll let you know when it is resolved!

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