[Review] Sending source code

Hello everybody (I feel like I’m already bothering kkkk)

Well, I’m ready to send my extension for review.
[x] test site
[x] hosted test
[x] EBS running in the cloud
[x] I’m running an image file for my channel
[x] Screenshots, logo, task image
[x] Terms of service, privacy policy
[ ] description page
[ ] Image of Discovery (I’m a lousy designer kkkk)
[ ] submit for review

I did it in react with the create react app and with some npm libs
My question is the following where and to whom do I send the source code of my project for review?
I have read a few things about obfuscated code but it was not clear, my frontend project generates a build folder with transformed, mined and optimized (npm run build)

How do I send unordered code, should I compress everything without the node_modules, and does the revision team install with npm install?

Should I upload to a private git repository and send?

Thank you again.

Hey @AlbericoD,

First things first, you’re definitely not bothering anyone with your post. That’s what we’re here for! :grinning:

As for your question, you will upload the front-end assets to us prior to submitting your extension for review. This will give our moderation team the opportunity to review the code for any issues. If the code you upload is not sufficiently readable, they will let you know! Generally speaking however, production bundles should be fine.

There’s no need for you to submit your back-end (EBS) code for review.


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Thanks for the response, I submitted my extension for review today.