[SOLVED] Will <tool that compiles to javascript> extensions get accepted as long as the source is available?


I’m interested in developing extensions using tools and/or languages that compile to javascript, what’s the likelihood of such an extension getting accepted if the source is provided alongside?

My pick would be elm-lang.org, the outputted code isn’t necessarily obfuscated, but very verbose.


Well you can’t provide the source alongside with out that being public too…

So if the code can be put on GitHub or somewhere to download, you can include such a link in the “review instructions”, or say “please mail me for the source if needed” in said instructions

Worse case, you might get an email from one of the extension moderators looking after extensions, and you can mail it to them.

I assume people looking for Elm and Twitch extensions will find this thread, it worked out just fine! Here’s the code for my first extension: https://github.com/ldesgoui/lastfm-panel

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