Scubscribing to bits and subscribe notifications in the New API

I would like to migrate a simple application I made which uses the V5 API to the “New” API, but currently it appears that I can’t subscribe to notifications about bits or subscriptions.

When will this be added? It seems like the “New” API got some things (followers, as an example) but lost a bunch of really basic stuff the V5 API had.

The new API is still in development.

There is a webhook topic for channel subscriptions:

As for bits, there isn’t a webhooks topic for that yet but you may be better off just connecting to chat since the source of bits will be Cheers, which you can receive messages for through chat.

I mean, I’d really rather not have to build a program which is both a (listen-only) chat bot and and a notification bot. I might as well just keep using the V5 API and keep ignoring follows, I guess :confused:

Hasn’t it been “in development” for multiple years now? Let’s be honest, is it really going to get bit notifications after all this time?

The latest API is always in constant development with new things added all the time. Just like before Helix there were new endpoints constantly being developed for v5, and before that, v3.

For things like bits, you already have viable ways of receiving notifications for bits through a connection to chat and parsing the cheers. If you decide not to make use of parts of the Twitch platform that give you the data you need, and just want to keep using deprecated API endpoints such as v5, then that’s your choice.

I don’t really think that adding at least some level of IRC support on a second connection to a bot that right now just uses really simple websockets is a good solution. That’s a dramatic increase in complexity and means I use both the “New” API and a chat connection, whereas the V5 API makes it very easy (and only requires one protocol and one connection).

Well currently v5 doesn’t have any bits endpoints other than Get Cheermotes, so at least Helix lets you request the leaderboard (and with some creative use of params poll specific time periods to get new changes), and subs in v5 requires polling too as webhooks are just for Helix endpoints, so I’m not quite sure how that’s easier than using Helix, and a chat connection (which is just a simple websocket connection) to get things not provided by Helix such as realtime Cheers?

This is not in v3 or v5. Nor is it in helix, it’s in PubSub!

PubSub which has topics for subscriptions and bits is neither kraken or helix.

I believe you have become confused as PubSub is a standalone product, and is not deprecated.

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