Search streams no data


I am trying to get search streams, no results showing up.

    "_total": 0,
    "streams": []

Can anyone please help me


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Working fine here:

{"_total":2291,"channels":[ ~SNIP~

Sometimes search just pops and doesn’t work for a bit. Either that, or no one was streaming at the time

This has been happening to me for the past two days at least with every search, even with game queries that should get a result (fortnite for example).

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Yer i can confirm exact same issues, it’s working fine then nothing. Only been happening the past two days from what i have noticed. My search term has plenty of live streams so it should not drop out.

I’ve seen this problem several times over the weekend with my code and even with Twitch’s old Roku app.

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the search streams endpoint is usually pretty unreliable but its been garbage over the past few days

and there’s not really anything that replicates it in the new twitch api. unlikely that they’ll fix it if this api is going to be removed in 8 months or so

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Yes it has been patchy at times but i could live with that, but i would say in the last 5 days from what i have noticed from the 30th March until today it has worked correctly only about 50 % of the time, so that just sucks big time.

Twitch should ensure the API works within the specification.

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