See message IDs for own messages?

With the tags capability, my bot can see message IDs for other people’s messages. The bot can even see the IDs of messages sent by the bot’s account, just as long as they didn’t come from that exact instance of the bot. But the connection that sent the message doesn’t get to see it, and therefore doesn’t see the message ID. Is there any way to get a response back from the IRC server saying “yep, I’ve sent that message, and the ID is 770f7007-21be-4592-9293-334eb2389316”?

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You’d need to use a second connection.

Users messages sent from that instance of the connection are not sent back to the same connection.

It’s a IRC standards thing.

A pity. Would be nice if there were some way to specifically request it (maybe as a NOTICE or something). Seems overkill to open another connection just for one message, just to get its ID.z

What do you need your own ID for?

To allow the bot to send a removable message. A mod can say “!no” and the bot would just quietly delete the suspect message.

The bot can’t delete/moderate itself.

And if it needs to be removed the mod can’t delete it either.

Assuming the bot is a mod on the channel.

So the bot knowing the ID of the message it sent doesn’t help, as the bot cannot remove it itself only a higher user can, which would be the broadcaster in this instance. (assuming the bot is a mod and if it isn’t it can’t do anything anyway)

Actually, a mod CAN remove his/her/its own message - “/delete some-message-id” works, and doesn’t demod the account. I have tested this.

Heh. TIL.

There’s actually an IRC standard that specifically addresses this Redirecting…

Would be great if Twitch added support for this in future.

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