Separate ongoing streams from finished streams

Hi all,

According to this page, there’s no way to separate an ongoing stream from a finished stream.

Can you add a response such as ended_at for finished streams?

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Done. Hope this will be considered.

The alternative (and to expand):

is you call get streams.
then if the stream is live
compare the stream start time to the created at time for the most recent video in get videos

They should be within a minute of each other.

Or after calling get videos a second time see if the duration has changed, then you know it’s still recording.

Theres a few possible work arounds beyond a “this video is complete/strillg recording” flag in get videos

ended_at doesn’t “work so well” when a segment is added to a video as it just moves the ended at along a bit.

Currently a video doesn’t reference a stream at all. So I’m not sure ended_at works so well. But a way to ID a “still recording” video may do.

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