Several link related questions


I am having trouble using links in twitch extensions and I have some questions.

  1. I saw I needed a to fill a whitelist to allow links, but does they have to be exact or can I just use a domain name ? (I tried but did not succed using it)
  2. Is this white list required also for internal links ? I want to point to another twitch page, how should I do ?
  3. If I use internal links, are they allowed in components or only still in panels ?

Thx for your answers.

PS : More over I had related question for iframes : can I use local Iframe (built by twitch API) on a twitch component ?

Thx for the answers again.

Just domains

What twitch page are you trying to link to, seems a odd thing for a twitch extension to do here?

What are you intending to iframe?

See also

1.2 Extensions may not use iframes.

Thanks for jumping in here @BarryCarlyon!

Just to reiterate what BarryCarlyon has said:

For panels linking: Domain name should work

For components/video: Approval is need. Please reach out to with information on your extension.

And currently we do not allow any iframes on components


Thank you both for your answers.
A few specification, and I will also contact the support.

I am trying to link to another streamer page using a link in the overlay. There is maybe another way to do so than using a link but I did not found how (my excuses if there is).

I am trying to iframe a twitch player (from the API) on another player (the current one). It might seems odd but I do have a good reason to do it.

I have to confess that I already tried as a local test, and it seems to work, but I do not want to do it if this is forbidden by your policies. My supposition is that it is working become the Iframe is not there during the loading of the page, but it is build by the JS I call from your API.

Thank you for the answers.

That will be a controls nightmare… Considering

1.3 Extensions can include audio only if they include controls which allow viewers to adjust the volume, and by default, these controls are set to off/muted.

(I’m fairly sure that video/component overlays are also just not allowed to play audio at all but I can no longer find that rule)

Video over video is a UI nightmare of users. And essentially doubles the bandwidth involved for the page… Or gets weird if you for some reason overlay the same stream, which then overlays the same stream which then overlays the same stream, and so on

There are lots of things that work on local test but don’t on hosted test or above.

It won’t work on hosted test (where the enforcement policies operate better, due to how web browsers work and the nature of your local test, local test will generally not apply policies correctly)

In addition it won’t be permitted past the review process.

You may wish to read the policy documentation:

1.2 Extensions may not use iframes.

Okay thank you for the answers.

One last question, how do you whitelist links ? You told me I could only use the domain name but I don’t find how it works, what is the format ?

I tried every thing (well maybe not, but a lot) : I want to link to another streamer page on twitch, I tried :

Help me Obiwan Kenobi, you are my only hope.

^^ applies for video extensions

For panels just a list of domain names, so for Twitch just are you saying you have entered this and resulted in an error that is observed in chrome inspector when clicking a link? (other inspector tools are available)

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Hey Barry. Pssst! You are awesome, that is all.

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